Sunday, August 24, 2014


The Biofilter is a water filtration unit made by a mixture of clay and rice husk, this mixture is also impregnated with a layer of colloidal silver. This Biofilter has a size if 31cm (diameter) by 22cm of height.

The filtration unit is placed inside of the collector unit that is a plastic container (can be also made of ceramic), at the bottom of the container placed at the side of the wall a plastic faucet is installed - it works to open and close the water exit.

Fabricated by "Asociación Cooperativa Juventud Rural Empresa de purificadores de agua artesanales"

I sent the filter to Taiwan last year (september 2015), with the aim of getting it analyzed at my former lab, helped by my professor at NPUST Dr. Huang we did have some good results.

Findings: The biochar filter can remove pesticides and heavy metals from water in a 99%!!!!!!!
Hallazgos: El filtro remueve del agua pesticidas y metales pesados en un 99%!!!!!!!

How is it made?
Raw material: rice husk

Rice husk grinding process

Preparation of clay and rice husk mixture

During the process water is added to prepare the clay-rice husk mixture

Once ready, the mixture is poured in a mold to give it the "pot" shape

After removing it from its mold the Biofilter final touches are added to give it a perfect shape

The filters are placed inside an oven that reaches 800 C -  "baked" for a day.

After the oven the filters are displayed in an outside area for cooling

Once ready the filter are tested for quality control, 
if there is any defect they are rejected and sold as a planting pot

The Biofilter comes with a plastic container - inside of this container goes all the filtrated water that is ready for consumption - bacteria free. 

Biofilter ready for sale

Your water is clean and ready for consumption! 

The porosity of the clay mixture allows the water to pass though the pot walls. 
The filter works by pouring water in it, after few hours the water that passes through the clay-rice husk filter is ready to drink.

The Biofilter has 4 parts:
a) A plastic cover
b) A plastic bucket or container
c) A clay -  carbonized rice husk firlter
d) Plastic faucet

After passing by a process of high temperature (up to 800C) inside of an oven the Biofilter develops between its walls a layer of carbon which makes the filtration process together with the clay .  

These filters are used by poor communities that does not have access to purified water, but can also be an option for us and make us save some coins if we stop buying bottled water. 

These are the walls of the clay filter where all the heavy metals and pollutants are retained

These carbonized layers are the ones that make all the filtration work! - you can change your filter every 2 years.

The Biofilters are $30.00 and can be delivered to any desired destination
Email: juventudrural@

I also have my own bio-filter, but this one is all made of clay!!!
Clean and really really fresh water every day :)


  1. What about salt water?


  3. Art sent me a bar of soap, I want more, do you take a VISA card?

  4. I like that bio filter system made out of clay,where can I get one like that?
    If I cam locally that's much better too.
    Please help

  5. I like that bio filter system made out of clay,where can I get one like that?
    If I cam locally that's much better too.
    Please help