Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bamboo Biochar Soap

Skin detox bamboo biochar soap, made with olive oil, coconut oil and eucalyptus.

Bamboo biochar - charred at 550C

Preparing the mixture for the soap

Done....... now lets wait for 2 or 3 days to take them out of the mould........

Soap is out unmoulded and will be left to dry for 3 weeks........

Biochar and skin: 
     Your skin is a living organ, which has pores to breath. These pores together with the permeable membrane of your skin, allows chemicals and toxins to pass both in and out of your body. 

    Acne has many possible causes, including clogged pores, dirt and bacteria on the surface of the skin, excess sebum or oil, and a poor diet among others. 

Bamboo biochar application on the skin, it is said, can eliminate toxins extract under the skin. The antibacterial properties of biochar can also help relieve infections, or prevent them from happening.

Getting dry ........

 Jabón hecho con biocarbon de bambú, aceite de oliva, aceite de coco, y aceite esencial de eucalipto 

Biocarbon y su piel:
    Su piel es un órgano vivo, que tiene los poros de su cuenta. Estos poros, y la membrana permeable de la piel, permiten los productos químicos y toxinas de pasar tanto dentro y fuera de su cuerpo. 

    El acné tiene muchas causas posibles, incluyendo los poros obstruidos, la suciedad y las bacterias en la superficie de la piel, el exceso de sebo o aceite, y la dieta pobre. 

La aplicación del biocarbon de bambu en la piel, se dice, se eliminará detritus de la superficie de la piel e incluso puede extraer las toxinas de debajo de la piel. 

    Las propiedades antibacterianas de carbón también puede ayudar a aliviar las infecciones, o impedir que suceda.

    Unlike normal soap, bamboo biochar soap does not leave a residue on the face. This means that the newly cleaned skin pores can receive natural moisturizing from the body’s oils. The bamboo biochar soap produces a rich lather that cleanses pores deeply which standard soaps simply can’t do and allows them to be moisturized it is recommended that people with acne wash with bamboo biochar soap.

    The bamboo charcoal handmade soap is safe to use with all types of skin and is particularly popular with sufferers of psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. The soap is also made from non toxic ingredients, is very safe to use.


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