Tuesday, December 17, 2013

有機稻間鴨隊 (Duck - rice organic farm)





    (Google translation)  Hsien-Te Lin ( 2007 ) noted: " ecological bottom of the pyramid is to support all of the soil , meaning soil microbial activity and the ecological environment of the base plate , however , no matter what level in the ecological pyramid , must rely on the sun, air, water , topsoil and other environmental factors and four survived among them, the water and topsoil threatened by human development activities , especially in urban and rural construction and destruction of topsoil water environment is serious , but if you do not have good topsoil , the greens will not take growing increasingly scarce natural animal , the entire ecosystems are affected , so topsoil almost called "the biological mother ." "

    However, the use of biological carbon ( English : Biochar) that is a way you can change the soil , because the biological carbon capture and remove carbon from the atmosphere , it will be transformed into a very stable form and stored in the soil for thousands of for a long time , so you can capture atmospheric nitrous oxide and methane, a significant reduction in greenhouse gases by 20% can also increase agricultural productivity , water purification, to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers , and therefore also known as agricultural biochar carbon ( English : Agrichar ) .

    Great community is Taiwan's first bio- carbon for use in agricultural applications where biochar soil improvement by helping plant growth , as well as carbon capture , storage, use , adsorption bad microbes and other effects , so that the soil a great community increasingly fertile and healthy , while the output of rice natural health non-toxic, so let Kim carbon meter great community to become a great community 's most famous product , with the exception of direct selling , but also has initially build for souvenirs gifts, even biochar has been made ​​of handmade soap , recently sold forthcoming .

    Great community chairman Wu Suqiu said that after the use of biological carbon , not only the output of non-toxic organic rice production increased significantly, even the residents living in the vicinity of the body is also getting healthy , and a great community has continued and Pingtung Technology Department of environmental Engineering, University teachers and students to conduct studies combining production , hoping to create a more effective biological carbon .


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