Odette Varela has a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Environmental Engineering from the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan where she also obtained her Master’s degree in Agribusiness management.  During her five years of doctoral studies she has been involved in projects focusing on agriculture waste management for “biochar” production and its application in crops and soil, and evaluation of bottom ash from waste incineration plants and its impact on agriculture. She obtained the "National Pingtung University of Science and Technology award 2013", given to graduate students with outstanding research performance, due to her publications and research presentations in conferences.  


  1. Hi Odette Varela,
    Greetings from myself,
    I am development policy activist in Bangladesh, working with national NGO named CCDB, We are trying to promote biochar for soil improvement in Bangladesh through rural households.
    I am interested to know more from you and possible technical cooperation.
    please let me know your views in this regards.

    1. Thanks, of course, let's keep in touch!