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The Biochar Journal (tBJ)
The first international journal dedicated to biochar is online since 2 months now. Please help us to improve the Journal and send us your comments about bugs & errors, and please send also your opinion on how you like it (contact us), and what subjects you would like to be treated (see the upcoming topics). We publish every two weeks one in-depth biochar article and once we get into the rhythme, video interviews with important players in the biochar world, reviews of biochar research, technology and policy. Sign in for the newsletter to be always up to date. And think about helping to finance this new independent, open source Journal for a more carbon intelligent world with a subscription or donation.

Philippine Biochar Association

Langara Department of Chemistry »Biochar Project

The American Carbon Registry (ACR) - Methodology for Emissions Reductions from Biochar Projects
ACR Webinar: Feedback on Quantification Methodology for Emissions Reductions from Biochar Projects

International Biochar Initiative. Annual Report  July 2012 – June 2013

Design and Characterisation of an ‘Open Source” Pyrolyser for Biochar Production

The Biochar Economy

Gardening with Biochar FAQ

Cornell University- Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Biochar Articles and Research Papers

Biochar fact sheet

Biochar as a soil amendment in agriculture

Biochar, climate change and soil report

Carbon and rural land use: key findings

Factors which influence soil carbon levels

A new simple, fast and inexpensive technique for measuring carbon in soils

Biochar conferences

International Biochar Initiative (IBI)

Biochar News Links and Information|The new era of carbon negative soil improvement

U.S. Biochar Initiative

Cool Planet. Energy Systems

Carbon Roots

Biochar India

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